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We Are Afraid (From Indian Lakes)

I could only hear her speak When mouths were closed And eyes were open wide to see All the things you wanted me to be We were moving in slow motion And I could never open my eyes wide enough Much too blind to recognize your love When all our hearts have been emptied out and thrown away We will search for another We will search for another When all we have isn't good enough and we're lost and alone and we feel afraid We hurt one another We will hurt one another You could only hear me speak When eyes were closed and hearts waiting patiently For the things you thought my love could bring But you were moving way too fast And I could never let go I could never go back I was so afraid of the things you were too kind to say Now only a ghost remains I was only trying to save you I was only pretending myself But I've been hiding some things I've been trying I was pretending everything was okay I've been trying I was pretending everything was okay