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Stagger Lee (Roe Tommy)

I was standing on the corner When I heard my bulldog bark He was barking at the two men Who were gambling in the dark It was Stagger Lee and Billy Two men who gambled late Stagger Lee threw a seven Billy swore, that he threw eight Stagger Lee told `Billy, I can`t let you go with that You have won all my money And my brand new stetson hat` Stagger Lee went home And he got his 44 Said, `I`m going to the bar room Just to pay that debt that I owe` Stagger Lee went to the bar room And he stood across the bar room floor Said, `now, nobody move` And he pulled his 44 `Stagger Lee`, cried Billy `Oh, please don`t take my life I got three little children And a very sickly wife` Stagger Lee shot Billy Boy, he shot that poor boy so bad `Till the bullet came thru Billy And it broke the bartender`s glass Oh, Stagger Lee Oh, Stagger Lee