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Fleur - De - Lis (Wondermints)

Came the day I saw her, walking on the water, And I was sinking in the sand. And I thought I caught her, But she was a little out of hand. She's in a citadel that she built on her own. She let her hair down for me. Wish I'd keep her only locked away just for me, But she's already doing time. She's a concrete flower, Squeezing in the hour 'til you're gone. You're in a citadel that you built on your own. Just let your hair down for me. Could be a million reasons, But you found just one - just one. Fleur-de-lis frozen lily Fleur-de-lis frozen lily Silent sands are pouring, patiently ignoring The minutes sliding into years From the time I lost her, Through the door of summer where she remains... Forever out there Fleur-de-lis frozen lily Forever out there Fleur-de-lis frozen lily Fleur-de-lis Forever out there