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I Couldn't Be Happier (Prophet Chuck)

Well, I Yeah, I'm stuck, I'm a mess Like the stain on your dress I feel like Lady Macbeth Got some pain in my chest Something I can't digest Yeah, I'm stuck, I'm a mess Oh I, you were made for me Like the sugar in my tea Like the honey and the bee I know you may not agree But you were made for me Don't tell me about the blues baby You know I've been through that Don't read me all the symptoms mama Honey, you know That ain't where it's at Even if you had a clue You know you wouldn't have to ask Still there's Just one thing you should know I couldn't be happier I couldn't be happier Oh I, don't you think that I'd know A fake from an original Don't need to pretend that you're real Some kind of imaginary deal I'm gonna feed you my fears 365 days a year I don't need nothing on the side I got no doubt in my mind Ain't no kind of words could define Yeah, I'm so glad that you're mine Sometimes when I think of you I really wanna scream Sometimes when you're next to me You're everything I need Well I don't wanna be nobody's boy I wanna be your man If you'd only look at me You just might understand I couldn't be happier No, I couldn't be happier So glad that you're mine, yes I am You know you make me so mad You make me feel so sad Kinda feelings I ain't never had But ain't I been your good boy I was your favorite toy Brought you a world filled with joy Yeah, I'm so glad that you're mine