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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Did You Decide Yet (Count Zero)

You've always lent an ear For all his suffering. Now, what's the value, dear, For all he's offering? And now, as you support His dimebag martyrdom, This road looks nothing like The one you started from. How long till you decide You need to stop the ride? Why do you still wait for a sign? Why can't you just make up your mind? Or someday you'll wake up to find It's too late to make up your mind. You're always back and forth Between the cold and warm. This rollercoaster ride Has now become the norm. You wear the right perfume. You dress the way he likes. You know to leave the room Once his dark thunder strikes. How long can you ignore Your love's too much like war? Why do you still wait for a sign... You let your martyr trap you into climbin' on His lap just to lick upon his sap? Did you pull upon his strap just to widen up his cap? Did you like it when he snap at you? Waitin for a slap are you? 'Til he beat the crap outta you? You make a wrong move? You don't lose, Not if your game was true. You make a right move? Well, you win. So let the games begin.