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Sail Your Ship By (Count Zero)

When I met you, you were off course. Fate's winds blew you to my sand. You said, "My! What beauty lies here!" But you just needed some dry land. You hired hands to recruit me. But them uniforms don't suit me. Well, if Dumbshit You donOt care To give something new a try, Just sail your ship by. Found you storm-tossed, off the whale's roads, Seaweed-necklaced, all soiled and green. Led you uphill. I fed you plenty. Your mates drank with my best fifteen. But once you saw you wouldn't rule me You pulled out all the stops to fool me, With flattery only to confound me. Then deflowered all the bounty! Look, if you're too scared to bear To open one spare blue eye, Just sail your ship by. Oh, look at you! Look at you! You dress like a pirate! a devil! Well, I work another level Some might call higher. But I ain't talking height. I've just found fire's better used for light. Heads up, all you bankrolled babes, Here's a beam to blast your astrolabes! And if you dare not even spare One minute bare spot in your mind... ... sail your ship by.