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Schizoid Astroplane (Count Zero)

Hey, gurl! Your backyard's tight, as runways go. But I landed fine. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm from that star there. Don't go calling the Police. Don't shriek & run & hide. I only come in Peace, inviting you inside my Schizoid Astroplane. Step inside my Schizoid Astroplane. Hey, gurl! I watched you from beyond the clouds And my cockpit dials took me straight here. (Prob'ly should get that fixed.) Take it as a sign. Look, if I can't satisfy, I'll get you back by dawn. But if you never try, you'll regret it when I'm gone. Step inside my Schizoid Astroplane. Hey! Flight attendants hold the cabin doors! Gurl, Check out the plus-size carpeting! Sorry, no seats left. Hope this bed will do! Captain's singing "Westward Ho!" We've got the amps on ten, and the sunrise in tow! Your future's where we've been! Step inside my Schizoid Astroplane. Step inside. Come in. Come in my plane. It's such a ride, come in my astroplane.