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Ain't That Love (Tyketto)

Well I can't stop my hands from shaking, when you call me and you want to meet And I get to the corner an hour before Just to watch you coming down the street If you don't want me, if you don't call, to tell me what's been on your mind I'll be breaking my windows and climbing my walls Drinking whiskey till it makes me blind I've been kicked and I've been beaten on since I don't know when I can only find one reason why I'd put myself through that again Well, I think I'm going crazy (ain't that love) Bending over backwards (ain't that love) just ain't enough I don't know what you were thinking of but If that ain't love, I don't know what is Well I listen to your momma bitching, while she's blowing smoke into my eyes And your daddy keeps his pistol loaded, right behind his dress rehearsal smile You use your double edged razor tongue, to try and keep me in my place Why do I always kiss your lips, when I really want to slap your face? Ah, it's a sad sad story When the sun goes down and I'm getting home You're waiting to give me your demands Don't even look at my take-home pay, I just put that money in your hands - hey (bridge) (chorus repeats 2x) (Ain't that love) Said I don't know what is (Ain't that love) Don't need no mama comin' to my house Standin' on my porch, kickin' my door down (Ain't that love) Comin' I don't know, I don't know know, yeah (Ain't that love)