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The Last Sunset (Tyketto)

Johnny too bad now, don'tcha know As he pushed that old Chevy down to Mexico Thought he'd give Vera Cruz a whirl Picking up the language from the local girls People say this world sure can chew you up But he lived by the dice trusting his good luck - alright So he found himself a home and he got a girl And he didn't want for nothing in this whole world Swore he'd give up running if they'd let him be Living was simple but it sure was free Hey there, darling what's your hurry now? Come sit with me and watch the sun go down And you can see him smile when the day is done 'Cause the last sunset is the prettiest one The last sunset is the prettiest one Wasn't long before the sirens came From miles away like they were calling his name Found a picture that he'd never seen, taken at the last bank in Abilene So he says to his wife, "My running days are done" And he sits on his porch and he lets them come