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Midnight In Austin Texas (Olstead Renee)

Hey little mister Where you going to? Cause I ain't got no plans No one to run home to If you've got a minute and would like to sit down I know a place around the corner still open right now So boy what's your name what do you do? Either you don't look familiar or look like you used to but are you from here Or in from out of town? A girl like me would sure like to show you around Midnight in Austin, Texas It'd be a shame to waste a Saturday Night Midnight in Austin, Texas If you're alone right now You won't be like that all night So boy name your poison What do you drink? Follow your instincts It's far too hot to think Don't you worry Just pretend to be friends I think we both know How this night's gonna end So don't say you love me Don't say you care I'm not in a habit of having an exclusive affair Those long relationships require repair It's a shame shame shame shame shame shame