Little Stranger (Podsiadło Dawid)

Hey there little stranger There're questions I need to ask How do you say "I’m sorry” How can you earn back somebody's trust You must think I’m crazy but I get it that it's hard You see there’s a person I’ve really hurt Hey there little stranger You’re right I don’t even know your name Such a mysterious creature I’ve stumbled upon my way What is the answer can you tell I swear I feel like I’ve never felt I look around and there’s no one here Don’t tell me you’re just another one of my dreams The walls are crushing the windows open and I fall Flying through all the mistakes I have done I see it clearly all of the disappointed faces I see the damage I’ve caused in their own spaces I was a liar I was not worth of being trusted I was a mugger, like of this peoplestole their hearts and now I know that’s why I am alone Hey little stranger thank God you're finally home I think you've got me in a place you wanted to You were meeting me I was not meeting you It’s time to end only one thing left for me I need to wake up from my flawless dream Hey little stranger I think I get it now