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Extermination Of Millions (Inveracity)

I crave extermination of countless million human trash I will be convinced if i only watch them lay down dead It's time for all to see my unstoppable delirium of murder Nothing but my only way to be set free I live just to see to fulfill my desire Extermination - scum of the earth Extermination- genocide Fucked up - this hallucination becomes a reality I'd never believe Obliteration of the human kind Inferior than worms or leeches Ignorant bastards their days meet the end I am fed up with their idiocy I define who's worth of living Masses compelled in my own conceit Mindlessly waiting for their final destruction I abuse the right that me on my won gave to myself I am delegated My mission completed and as i stand I breath the air of salvation Humanity is extinct I laugh as I'm supremacy I breathe just to see to fulfill my desire Extermination - the Earth becomes a burial place I am perfection