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Forced Prostitution (Inveracity)

Out in the market for a better day Self - inflicted torture, it's too late There's no way back, you will rot way to fast My eyes already foretell your future In this life you created you live in disgust Rape, theft and murder As a lamb among the wolves they lewd the fuck out of you Now you can cry in misfortune By knowing it only gets worse every day There's no escape since you entered a world of shit and decay Forced in this life of sleaze, to earn your daily fix For every whore there's a filthy pimp Hand in the cash or you 'll have your throat slashed I rape your body and soul I 'll be there to watch Your fall in the depths of impurity This situation has gone out of hand Forced prostitution - you 'll deal with it My eyes already foretell your future in this life you created Standing on your knees and sucking Anyone's cum dripping from your face This is not some kind of job for the weak