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Emotions (H-Town)

Emotions make you cry sometimes, emotions make you sad sometimes, Emotions make you glad sometimes, but most of all they make you fall in love. The first time I felt emotions, is when I came out my mothers womb, I cried, and at the age of five the first time I found my pride, And when I turned ten I began to like a friend, all things deal With emotions from you until the end, oh At the age of eleven I learned about things like god and heaven, and When I turned thirteen the first time I had a freaky dream, and now That I'm nineteen, I know that I'm ready I know that I'm so in love... Soooo in love yeah (so may go thru emotions some times, and even have some ups in downs, But I know one thing for sure your gonne fall in love) Make you fall in Love... Uhhh come on baby, uhh come on suga Emotions make you fall... Ahh suga baby, oh baby, I tell you, I tell, it's all about emotions, All about emotions Come on baby come on sugar, say, alright Alright alright alright Say alright alright alright alright I know it's alright yeah said the make you fall in love...