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My Pink Sky (H-Town)

I love yall too Yall ready to have a good time? I wrote this for all the lovers in the house All the couples All the honeymooners So I wan yall to Listen to this Yall Ready? I already know Check it out I Woke This Mornin Soooo Happy I can smell in the air Of the sweet perfume you left in my room You make me so happy yea yea And you're gonna be my bride soon You are my shining star The one that's around when my world's coming down When the rain wash away my cloud All I gotta do is look Up high There's my pink sky {Pink sky} The color of sweet Give light to the trees {Pink sky} All around me yea {Pink sky} Yeaaaa A flower of virtue No one else above you Your heaven is my love(my love) So high I must pry to touch Yes God has made perfect one In you this he has done Insight you like fin wine(fine wine) Races with no time ooooo So long I've been waiting For this special blessing The woman of my dreams Now is reality oooooo yea You're my star The way you come around when I'm down Girl you lift my crown I just look up and see my pink sky (Pink sky) The birds get to fly on air (Pink sky) yea yea oh oh oh oh I love it when you're right here for me baby (My Pink Sky) You're right around You're right around When I'm right down I Love you baby Nobody can ever take your place You're awww oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh You're my You're my (My pink sky) Pink skyyyyyyyyy I love you baby always ways ways oh I wanna be right there when you need me yea yea yea I love my my You're my my pink sky Yea yea yea yea I love yall peace