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Natural Woman (H-Town)

Oh, now, now, now , maintenant, Oh, yeah Said, oh, yeah Listen Natural woman (In and out) Natural woman (You're connected now) Natural woman (Natural) Natural woman (Natural woman, yeah) Said someone who's independent Needs no man to fill her vision Standing strong and proud, ooh, every day (Every day) My natural woman, my natural woman (Listen) ) Mother of Jesus Pure as white snow She's so beautiful (So beautiful) So wonderful (So wonderful) Said I love my precious lady My sanctified lady Said I love her, yes, She's so innocent, so characteristic, natural Born to lead the world Her life is in God's hands She's so beautiful (So) Lady with a natural shine And I believe that man should beware ‘Cause he may not be the one to lead us there To lead us over, over Over to the promised land, yeah And I know she is respected soqu'elle And uplift her name ‘Cause she's all we have So heavenly, we will see, yes, we will, yes, we will Said, you heard what God said God said that yes, he'd build man first But guess what (What ? ) said that He said she's there to be by your side Not under you, not on you, but right beside you That's right, 50/50 love Give me a “W' (“O'), give me a “M' (“E') Give me a “N' (Yes, what you say, wo-women)Say women, yeah, yeah (Women, women) Say women, yeah, yeah These are natural women Say Janet Jackson, that's a natural woman Say Barbara Jordan, she's a natural woman Whitney Houston, she's a woman Say Hillary Clinton, that's a woman Gloria Estefan, that's a woman Angela Bassett, that's a womanTina Turner, that's a woman Maya Angelou, she's a woman Miss Patti LaBelle, that's a woman Mrs. King, Diana Ross, Mrs. X, Cicely Tyson, Diana Ross, , Cicely Tyson Nicole Brown, Selena, rest in peace Yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah Come on sing with me Sing, sing, women Sheryl Crow, Brandy, Aaliyah, Jada Pinkett, Da Brat, M. C. Lyte TLC, Donna Summers, Sheryl Crow, Celine Dion, Jewell , En Vogue, Sharon Stone They're some natural women, yeahThese are natural, natural, natural women