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Ways To Treat A Woman (H-Town)

Let's stroll down the ave Watch your hair blow back Let's see the favorite smile That you smile when I'm smilin back That's the way that I kno that you're pleased with my cool act And baby all that I'm thinkin is how to treat you with some respect Know what baby I kno How to treat a woman And I do how to love a woman The ways to treat a woman yeah yeah And I kno how to caress your back Nights when you sleep And how to do it when you wake up Love you in the mourning Anytime Listen baby Baby I kno you like it when I lick the honey off your smooth back The way I rub your pretty toes and maybe suck em after all that And when you make sexy sounds I start to grow with the flow yeah And babygirl don't you know I know how to please for what you want Telling you that I kno How to do you and I do How to love you Thw ways to treat a woman yeah And I kno How to rub your back And I do How to sex you down with lotion and all the things that you need The ways to treat a woman yeah Yeah yeah I do I do I do I do I do I do I do it I do I do I do yeah I do it do it say I knew How to do it say the way hat you want it when you was gettin ready to do it... coffee table... in da shower all night long I knew it I knew it yeah