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Low Lifes (Avalon Mickey)

Crackheads stalking Loud mouths is talking (4x) Fuck the bullshit I'm about to get paid I got mouths to feed and trials to beat Now turn up your radio and bump The Av. There ain't been none better since Gucci rap shit I break it down to the real nitty gritty Show no shame, feel no pity Pause for the cause we about get busy Mickey Avalon kick up the the inner city Line after line ain't another that can catch me Without even trying my shit sound catchy Me and Dirt Nasty bumping down the block Now all you junkies just rock-rock Shoot To Kill out the Coupe Deville Crush the dust in the crumpled up 2 dollar bill If you looking for a little chitchatter on the phone dial 9767070 It's the get fresh line and it ain't no joke I revv the gas til the mother fuckin ashpalt smoke They call me Avalon and I'm the best in show I fill my scripts on weekly trips to Mexico And if there's a problem when I want to go home I've got a solid gold roll for the border patrol Don't you love to love my baby though Shes six foot six with testicles Feet on the street eyes to the skies It Just a kid with a long list of crimes getting high To forget yesterday for the rest of my life Avalon take the easy way out every time At the top of the world with a low sense of pride Now go tell my mom I'm a die soaking wet With a Beatles record spinning & a needle in my neck Drapes pulled shut, television fuzz And cigarette butts in the styrofoam cup No fam or friends drop by So just a plain pine box to drop my body in To drop my body in...