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Grandloves (Purity Ring)

Take all the little things away Seek all the dimensions that stray From my eyes Dig holes in me with wooden carved trowels Hold still in me the hops That left its guard down Waking up is easy but you're breaking my whole thesis I'm gone, feel it, but you're flowing with the shaman, and another thing I'm in love with truth and sick and tired of this youth And thinking that you're falling, but you're stalling when you're holding me I'll grow bitters on the borders of your whistling skin I'll sew pockets of the locks that fall from your bristling chin Keep all my secrets in the trinkets Dangling from the walls Take what you are make it sacramental I'm in love with truth and sick and tired of this youth I want it to be easy but I'm queasy at the thought of it I don't need no proof, no lucky charm, no wisdom tooth To know it in the same way of that feeling when you're loving me... Brew you a warm drink out of My tattered hulls Build you thick paper out of My clumsy skull Soundly discreet make Your bouldering shoulders glow My grand loves I'll not finish what I done started I'm sick of this, you're sick of that, I'm not as dumb as that (My sacred pining whims, my sacred vining whims) [repeat] I'll stake rare toothpicks in my dirt filled heart Meander the sacred lot of you In every season See that visual You are invincible You hold it for your halo song