Stillness In Woe (Purity Ring)

Meet me in the blue bed, I'll be drying out your flaws And clawing out to cause my knees to tremble Meet me in the back shed, I'll be hanging up the knives Humming melodies that rhyme, building castles out of shovels Hang my head about as if we never had the time To draw it on the walls, what's all the trouble? Push my mind around as if it's warming up your hand As if it's softer than the land, all silked and supple Don't be afraid if it's a little bit close I built a kingdom of your throats, I'm seeing double Don't be afraid if there's no wind in my hair There's a stillness left in there, I'm seeing double I'm seeing double, I, oh I'm seeing double, double Ah-ah, uh-oh I'm seeing double, double Dry it out for days and then I'll beckon every ray I'll hover like a frame or push the crowd out Meet me in the back shed, throw the wind and he'll not pass Hold up what's cast to listen close to how my knees pray I'll pry the door from its bolts I've hiding out for days and nothing's growing There's a breath left in there, all I would say Wait for the start, take it away, I'm seeing double I built a kingdom of your throats (don't be afraid) But it's a little bit close (if it's a little bit close) There is a stillness in our woes (don't be afraid) If it's a little bit cold (if it's a little bit cold)