Beijing (Delinquent Habits)

Now here's a little city that's about 3 miles Outside of everybody's outskirts and principal This here's a place where all our minds get spent Self-destruction meet a quota take a trip get bent Take a head trip outta hookah puff for days fuck a hurra Take a chair drink a shoota brain boilin' off the Buddha Bring on the dancin' girls with long curls Interlaced with lotus blossoms of pink purple and pearl Enjoy your feast of drink and slaughtered beast On marble with linen creased and pieced with gold leaf Your mood enhanced with wine song and dance And story of ancient bands with horns out they hands and Ain't no doubt about it they let you puff on Herbal stimulation have you gone like heron And when you come inside their eyes open To the motion hopin to toke what I'm smokin' Sick man of Asia let the herb heal Take a rickshaw of Asian all party be waitin' The land where flames burn high to keep your spliff lit Everybody spread love nobody talk shit Now how you get don't fret cause that's the best yet Adjust your set perfect to get the head wreck This here the next though not very complex On text there'll be a test so check the context Uno take the herb load up the slid Numero dos take a deep breath and close your eyes Tres spark fuego toke pull and hold Until the weed stop expanding and your eyes explode Then blow your hit out stretch out get the shit out Float into Beijing holmes and flex your stidyle Then smoke the bomba to steel drums and conga riffs Blue seas from cool breeze and head trips Full luscious lips and hips that's down dips All spark but no one trips takin' outta turn hits And when one burns out roll one we all say Baby let the bells ring spark one for Beijing Wow I bet you tore back now seeming pristine Geisha dancin' on a violet cloud Jewel trees show where cool breeze blow You can watch a waterfall flow where the mushroom grow Everybody irie out on a level higher sit by the fire With pit bull and Bengal tiger Ancient shogun exhibit what they know son Metal be hurtin' no one in the land of no gun Higher than high if you want to you can fly See one time hold you shit high and drive by Pump your sound hot box don't roll it down All sing Beijing it's my type a town [Chorus]