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House Of The Rising Drum (Delinquent Habits)

[Kemo] Looks complicated, huh, but when the sound comes Significant percussion feel rush crush the round drum And keep in tempo with the cries of the Ancient San Su Warrior takin out the plaintiff This ill crush like skulls in Spain and running bulls And they gon act like fools when the curtain pulls This here for partyin' so let your ????? Bong slide Cruise irie toxins through your head like a G-ride I hang with macs and Alvarado maniacs Who make Feria broke backs and Herb sacks And this right here y'all will be known As one of the most eloquent ever graced a mic phone With hype tones my mind roam the ozone When I'm on the stage known to flow zone You got a pencil best put it in your pocket Cause you'll need more than cheap blue ink to rock it [Chorus 2X] Cause in the House Of The Rising Drum they all come You can vibe with the drum so strum or just hum With a *BBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRR* you best to duck run and hide You know, yeah [Ives] Now I've seen how the world turns and how it functions I'll be damned if I'm twiced burned before destruction Cause I could never be that alligator that Albino Sacrificial wino I got the shoes though with the ill flow Then I stay two steps ahead three leagues above The petty individuals sulkin in the masses Bannin Latin accents then I drop bombs Napalm square on the flesh and to make it more definitive you won't get rid of this Your narrow minded attitude will make me rude Making em capitulate in a civil fashion I'm old fashion when it comes to body thrashin [Kemo] Herb done job cool vibe you all high Enter through the hale to zone of red eye Get out your seat it's time to rock show Frontwar