Midnite Spin (Delinquent Habits)

I once heard a man say "Now hey what be your fate?" Wanna laugh with the sinners or cry with the saints Simple and plain refrain or sustain in vain battle wound Midnite gloom right under midnite moon consume Exceed the limit forget it the man don't wanna hear it He says "Let's go" but I'm late I gotta rock a show I'm gone Play me a so long song mister piano man Eyes gleem bright like gems from ancient lands We hot like desert sands we rock like rock bands They live in scared city sunset make em look pretty I'm tryin to shine lead the blind through Sahara twilight Cross a line in the dirt, choke hold on the mic So take a midnite spin callin you from within Put some ink in your skin city lights bring sin A midnite spin callin you from within Put some ink in your skin city lights bring sin Could I be a neighborhood legend cough to clear resin Feelin after affect of a million smoke sessions Oh and 'bout mi placas and don't ask if I'm stoned Just know that it's mi pinche lifestyle and I move it along I put the piercin shine chrome freak the mic phone Keop and chop down the sound that break bones See I ask music a question and the music reply See I respect how I groove and it's emotional prye Anyway get back to music and the music reply Said let em see there's somethin better no one's ready to die So I'm a midnite spin spiritual practicin Just to let you know that I've come back again In the Sick Syde we lead a crazy lifestyle it consists of Drugs and sex, rockin shows and possible arrests To last breaths livin the high life avoiding wrecks And passin the low life tests with stripes mic checks get blessed On any set Pyschos bring threat to upper deck Authority reps fear bald heads and tatted necks We earn the respect and get heat from the rest So we deal with stress however we can 'till our deaths Inner city district experiences we recite If you can't relate to this well all right Get you shit tight run little drugs in daylight Despite the lifestyle you know you need to get right