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No Identity (Delinquent Habits)

Check it out now Hey, hey, troop style's hard to find I sit where we sit, it's time to go for mine See I remain in place wit shit so funky You could bite for days, my shit remains crunchy Good wit my own style, droppin that Looky Lou's all hokin but I stompin that You's a c-copycat, now watch me take you thru to hell Must be out lookin for biters in the big bad world I, am, the one to take you higher to liquidisation, heart and desire Go 'head, light the fire, as I get smoke There ain't a way to stop the madness when I go for broke Aiyo kid, you must be kidding me You're the epitome, of no identity It's about what you say and how you say it Now that's hardcore, time to settle the score I'm fed up with the old shit, gimme some new shit I won't sit, get off my grip See I'm tired of these imitating gangsta clones For them I got a slingshot, rotty's and stones I come steppin on the scene, my Delinquent team, be here to elevate Even the fakes should get their soul get Rippin up your frame, it's the critical acclaim Breakin you up, like the Buddha crank shrinks my brain Cos there can be only one ?????, only one to rule Bet the coon new G, witta steel that's new Yet some won't like the way I strangle the mic, though I won't funk the kids, can't fake the Gambino Kid, you must be kidding me It's a joke, why ya gotta be kidding me? We're goin nowhere fast in this flavorless mess hall Why can't you stand tall? Cos I heard a distress call Once again, I go fly thru the speaker Your style suck, fuckin like a tweaker One grain falls, the rest soon follow Cos everybody knows (your wacked style's borrowed) It seems everybody write they're OG killers Everybody's flippin big-time dope dealers (Versace) and Gucci, rollin big time lucci Big ......, steady sellin out the real Now oh damn, now look what I've done wit the little bit of help from the rhymes I brung You know who you are, don't front, just shoot hits Delinquent it's in the house, to rock this shit