This Is L.A. (Delinquent Habits)

It's time to amount an enormous amount of muscle Move in like 5th batalian while woofers gonna bring trouble Que quieres a mia moving to make me a little somethin' Won't catch me chasin' the dragon adrenelin got me pumpin' Stop take a breath collect my thoughts Release defenses and check senses Pull jacks in dope spots Puff boom muthafucka I swirve and hit the center Hit it silver star style while others afraid to enter Bravery in the battle homes I ain't no doubt We stand alone usually we left the third click out That's why we moved on cause mental spirits was gettin' broken By some leech muthafuckas best kill em because we chokin' Send a heat seeker to take a section of the industry Not paranoia you really think they feelin' me? I cut their finger from hand and cut their hand from wrist shit Light another joint time to get lit It wouldn't be L.A. without Mexicans Now everybody checkin' the lingo you know I bringo (Strong arm tactics) represento fresco raw through the weso Y digo trucha con tususia cuando entro con el latin lingo Collecting masa across the map like Desperado steelo Now you can bust and I can bust but Who got that gold in they clutch? And I'm tremendo cuando prendo lenos down to the crutch So if we hittin' la botella then let's gulp it all down And if we hittin' yerba buena then let's smoke the whole pound The LowerEast is back up in this muthakilla for realla Los Delinquentes rifan todo Sur Califa I figure My DNA is everlasting