Wallah (Delinquent Habits)

Somebody's knockin' on the door somebody's ringin' the bell Somebody's knockin' on the door and we got em all scared as hell But you ain't gotta open up still I bust through Like a Mac truck rollin' over them guts En la back of la traila you know I got mis amigos Los camaradas to these Lower EastSide Angelinos Mis perros mi guardan Muerden know ladran feel a seizure coming on if I sick em on ya Soy Blaxicano Latino El Pistolero Snatch a crown off the king and wipe it all on my huevos Ankles I bust you best invest in a brace I'm makin' moves shake and bake and then I eat the whole plate I'm psyclone like a dog for his bone you take a piece of my pie Well then it's on y va star cabrone Cause when you're fuckingg with the bull it's the horns you get I gotta pierce that epidermis when I go for your neck (And I'm serio) a no lo crees pendejo te dejo Patadon a los huevos cacheton a lo sesos It's mi costa the West is reclaimed by this critical acclaimed Underated still I wreck your main frame It's mi costa wallah don't make a sah I'm about to put it on ya I came I'm gonna I'm tense nervous about my inside feelin' But I still keep muthafuckas dancin' on the ceilin' Watch the smoke rise Ives burned but still I Floss Delinquente compound the real high Fuego to leno leno to boca Bird finger flippin' trippin' off the chota Smooth with the west wind chest plate to vest in I smoke a toke of mari to my chest in I ain't violent mira I'm just a stoner Rockin' Lower EastSide sunny Southern California Flows start to rockin' if shit gets to poppin' Bloody knuckle style moppin' if teeth get to droppin' You could keep the style rockin with breakin' or loose lockin' Even if the pigs come knockin' we won't be stoppin' Chale me vale madre you fuck around I'll pull a hale Delinquentize todos Sur Cali So sit back relax put on your head gear Let me work this beat like an offic-ier It's mi costa the West is reclaimed by this critical acclaimed Underrated still I wreck your main frame I be that one huero loco psyclone in la mente Claimin el tereno feelin muy excelente See last year I took it straight up to your frente To penetrate your coco flexin con el huero loco Back up on the scene to smash your pipe dream You can run but you can't hide when my sac swings See it's the pendulum cuttin' baby shake their but and In fact tell you somethin' fool you ain't nothin'