What It Be Like (Delinquent Habits)

This be for the hard-core O.G. real funk fans The ones that pumpin' up the party Jump and shake your hands And let your joint blaze smoke up and get a little higher If the cherry goes out then relight the fire Pump it up and do this swing for mine baby Ives in the party ya'll time to get crazy Swing it left swing it right swing it back and to the front ha No takin' or the fakin' cause we givin' what you want ha Pure bread born and raised the underground system My recipes so ill you'll think I'm crazy if I list em So I choose to freak it from the dawn till the light To let you listen' hard to what it be like What it be like tell me what it be like What it really be like what it be like What it be like tell me what it be like Do you know what it be like cause I know what it be like I'm steppin' up back up straight up so delinquente You won't be saying shit after I sock you in the frente So what's it gonna be sucka what it be like? As I descend from the trend every muthafuckin' night And so I gotta keep the rhymes kinda funky you know I'm still rollin' in the jacked up Chevy '64 You need to ease back sucka you need to pipe down Delinquent type of hound is what you're gettin' from the realm When I'm steppin' through the fog my dogs are kinda fatal I'll swat you like a fly that's on my kitchen table If another day ends still a new dawn breaks And once again I'm droppin' shit upon this 2 inch tape See this be like discussion of the facts Over hip-hop chords The Lower EastSide allow me kick the funk no fraud See it's the third time for the Ives my news flash No matter what I'm still gonna be the poor white trash Diggin up and out the ghetto Hard raised and rockin' From backspinnin' from freakin' the beat and pop-lockin' From early days I'm steppin' to battle like a vulture It's all just a part of the hip-hop culture