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Chris Rock Was My RA (Jimmy Fallon)

Well my freshman year had an awesome RA. i had the best RA in the world. i wish u was with me all my 4 years. his name is Arnold baldwin. we had this RA.Arnold Baldwin. hes this big tall skinny black guy.he talked exactly like chris rock. we loved him because he didnt give a crap about us. he didnt care. hes like, "im your RA!Resident Assistant! Resident Assistant! im not the resident council! im not the resident mother! i dont need to know everything! your friends throwing up in the bathroom i dont need to know! everybody throws up hes lucky he made it to the bathroom! just give him a tick tack and a pillow and leave em alone! leave em alone! i dont need to know! your sweet mate is smokin crack, i dont need to know! just tell him to ex hale through a empty toilet paper roll stucked with dryer sheets! make it smell like the mountain springs freshes of crack! i dont need to know! i dont need to know if u gotta 40 oz beer ball keg playin bing ball flip cup century club got zoomy zoomy goin on i dont need to know cause i dont care! yo girlfriend broke up wit u, i dont care! yo roomate is a pain on the ass, i dont care! u made a booty call fo in the mornin and she got a friend, i care! remember me!