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Walk Of Shame (Jimmy Fallon)

I woke up, Rubbed my eyes, Tried to remember What the hell I did last night This aint my bed This aint my room Had a crazy night Now I know what I got to do Walk of Shame I got my drink on I got my dance on Now I'm walking home with Someone elses pants on Crossed the quad Pulled my hat down low, Saw a group of friends That I pretend I didn’t know Walk of shame ‘Was a walk of shame Baby your place or mine Either is fine, But we’ll have to decide which one of us Takes the Walk of shame Walk of shame But tonight Man I’m gonna make it right I’m gonna be prepared I’m gonna pack a change of clothes in the bottom of my jansport Visine tic tacs and some axe bottle spray Hold my head high when I walk outside Gonna take that walk of shame with priiiiiiiiiiiiide Walk of Shame