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Bloated Housewives (Victims Family)

They sent our brothers off to die in a land called Vietnam While bloated housewives sat around wondering "why don't we just Drop the bomb?" Corpses filled with Heroin made money for the C.I.A. and napalm Bombs and Agent Orange made Southeast Asia safe. Change the country, change the names to protect the guilty ones. Bloated housewives undercover, Central Intelligence sitting in the Suburbs saying "Sandinista sucks" and "why don't we just drop the Bombs on those slimy commie fucks?" Bloated housewife missionary saves the heathen child. Brown babies with bloated bellies, spirit's running wild. "I'd tell you to get on your knees if you could reach your feet.! So-called salvation in exchange for something to eat. Bloated housewives rule the world!