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Mousetrap (Victims Family)

OK, let's play a game with a map of the world. We'll call it Risk. And you roll the dice so you can get more armies so you can conquer The world. Then you bomb, torture, rape and pillage, Vaporize the village. OK, let's play another game. I could tell you my secrets. We'll call it Telephone. And then you tell someone else until the truth is disorted and Unrecognizable. We could make mountains out of molehills, out of nothing, out of dust Betray your trust. OK, one more game and the game is up. We'll call it Mousetrap See we got a pretty good one, we're gonna build us a better one. We're gonna catch that pup, we're gonna string him up. And though we can't make the world any safer playing games, We can build a real good mousetrap.