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Do The Zombie (The Eyeliners)

The night is young and the moon is full And if you're looking for a thrill There's a party going on at The house on top of the hill You know that a band will be playing And they're gonna give you a scare You're invited, but I'm telling you That you better all beware Because they Do the zombie yeah-yeah Don't care what they say Do the zombie yeah-yeah They'll be dancing till the dawn of day He looked at her from across the room and said, "Hey girl do you want to dance?" She looked at him with a little grin and said, "Why should I give you a chance?" He said, "Don't be shy. I'm a helluva guy and I can prove to You what I say, before I'm through, you'll be doing the Zombie too" and then you could hear him say... And he said [Chorus] Then the band they started to play And everyone was in a trance Every boy and every girl were Doin' the zombie dance The room was shakin' and the walls were breakin' They were dancing in a daze They scream and yell, now they're under the spell Of the hypnotizing craze Because they [Chorus]