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It Could Have Been You (The Eyeliners)

You were walking by You were looking so sly With a cigarette When you caught my eye It was love at first sight And I was hypnotized But nothing ever materialized I kept it all inside Held my feeling in disguise And I know this much is true That you never knew That it could have been you [Chorus] Well I guess you never knew That it could have been you I saw you sitting there Didn't have a care Black leather jacket and purple hair Wanted to ask you out But I walked away Cause I didn't know what I could say Now I think back to that day Could things have gone a different way? But I know this much is true You never had a clue That it could've been you [Chorus] It could have been... A perfect match to go down in history Better than sid and nancy A love to last 'til the end of time My punk rock valentine I could've been yours And you could've been mine Will there ever be a next time? Is there such a thing as destiny? Will we ever be a reality? All that could have been All that may never be Is this the end of our story? They say all things fade away Another guy will come my way But I've never seen anyone like you And you never knew That it could have been you