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Ooh Way Ooh (I Don't Like You) (The Eyeliners)

I knew the moment we first met You were one of a kind, a read train wreck Rolling over everyone you see But you won't roll over me You've got a special way of making me feel sick You always know just what to say And you're getting on my nerves Trying to weasel your way under my skin You've pissed me off and My patience is beginning to wear thin I hate to see you come my way You know I'd rather that you just go away You come around and then you ruin my day Ohh Way Ohh* I don't like you Too much idle time spent alone Talking on the phone Talking about someone else but hey It's no problem of your own There's nothing wrong with them There's something wrong with you Turning things around and twistin' Twisting up the truth You've taken things way too far Reaching to new lows and you're so Full of crap, you're a social mishap Ohh Way Ohh* I don't like you Now I've seen it all and this is who you'll always be It is clear that you will waste away miserably If this is what you think is cool, I'll never be Part of your club of loser, washed up wanna-be's So many faces, which will you be Friend, Confidant, or my worst enemy Who knows which card YOu're holding up your sleeve Ohh Way Ohh* I don't like you-anymore Don't like you-nevermore Don't like you-You're a bore Ohh Way Ohh* I don't like you