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When Will I See You Again (The Eyeliners)

Looks like I blew it I screwed things up again I sit and wonder how I got In this predicament Things were going great And then they fell apart Now you're gone I was wrong Will we get a new start? [Chorus] When I think of what was said and done And all the things that I did wrong When will I see you again? Time passes slowly When you're filled with regret I pay my penance When I relive it in my head Chances not taken And poorly chosen words Twist of fate Is it too late? Tell me what's it going to take [Chorus] The sand is falling slowly Through the hourglass And I wonder how long this will last All that I'm left with is this empty space Will I be left with a chance To make things right Now that you're gone - for so long I wonder where we went wrong [Chorus]