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Sharing Cigarettes (Morning Parade)

Cut your nose to make your bed Now you have to lie in it alone With all the curtains closed Spite your face with interest Scratchin’ around to find just what you owe to the debt you owe D’ya think I came round here just to tame your heart? You made a devil’s deal You sold my soul The only one you owned If I could bleed and write a cheque In my blood to stop this mess I would Oh I would if I could You’re standing on a pedestal like the winner of some TV show You’re clinging to our history like Berlin to their wall I can’t keep a candle burning at both ends til’ its gone The light’s gone out so I’ll be heading home Just to another one Love is sharing cigarettes Kiss my lips and take a breath Pour your ashy love into my heart Love is til’ death do us part Take my hand lets make a start You took my every breath away You took my breath away.