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99 Cents (Chicks On Speed)

Open your eyes and see my face Slow down for me in this dirty rat race You could be fat, you could be thin Wake up with me in the Raddison It's two for one or one for free Get it now 'cause it's a freebie One, two, three, four I'm the one that you adore 99 cents I'm not crazy about money, but I like what it can do Shopping is a cultural activity In this worlds nothings for free Buy a book or buy a car Look what a stud you are Its not the what, its more the where, Who you know and how 99 cents Luxury, the income tax of vanity Supermarket shoppers all over the world It's not as cheap as it may look Rob you blind 'cause I'm a crook Read all about it in John Pilgers book Rattrap, I see a rat trap But the cheese I want the sleaze, sleaze sleaze so Jimmy up the street singing something great to the beat Goody goody boy, got you back in town Gotta go gotta go Gotta go gotta go Where is what with who and how You want it fast you want it now Give it to me right now high and low Fun and free got loads of dough Life is fast life is cheap Got nothing to do but hang in the street Where is what with who and how You want it fast you want it now