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Coventry (Chicks On Speed)

Hanayo lives in Berlin cos she says the rent is cheap Couldn't afford that lifestyle, Tokyo´s too fast and steep Juergen lives in Munich, that cozy comfy town Got a nice BM that he drives all over town Mimi lives in Hamburg, that fishy harbour breeze She says it's the best place in the world And then she starts to sneeze dean lives in London, does the music business thing He likes to take girls to the park And do that sweet, sweet thing People and places, people in different towns Erkki lives in tampere, now where the hell is that? works the web like no other, gotta put him on the map Weasel she's in New York, she got it all set up she drinks her frappuccio from a glass and not a cup Jeremy moved to Rome, Italiano style Gave up all that fashion jazz and says that with a smile Russell lives in Cov, that a really brutal place It's in the middle of England, right into your face People and places and places and people People and places, people in different towns