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Sell Out (Chicks On Speed)

Do it!, just do it! exploit yourself just sellout, cash cards, just sellout Do it to yourself before its done to you It's the euro, dollar, the yen or rubal Sellout is the aim On the billboard, in the adverts, this is the big game Exploit, sellout, poser sellout, Cos were up for sale This is steep not cheap and get in now Before it all goes stale Take back your Cadillac Your bike, cab, train or plain Jet set in poverty If I walk its just the same Do it Adbusters, slashers, snipers Cultural jammers, hey'all Paper tiger, this is your call come with me let's burn down the mall the world has gotten just so unbelievably commercial, right? And people are starting to go a little bit crazy from it! They've completely bought into it And it's been a hell of a ride But now they're reaching a saturation point They think, maybe, they're getting to the end of this business of glitz and hype and you gotta have it so we say, in a fact, yeah, your instincts are right for the first time in forever, marketing isn't cool eccess isn't cool