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Shooting From The Hip (Chicks On Speed)

No one noticed you had disappeared Its been two days no connection Pile of hardware making hits If the quality is high At the party there's a place for you On the guest list there's a place for you In a somebody's arms In the real world, its at your front door Wanting everything and moving places Worn to make the mind crash Snapping into Making sense Being off schedule with the world In the cosmopolitan we see Jeff Koons Celebrating yummy things, celebrating, And talking of his…of his suffering Break through program for senior executives guide to slow dance Tokyo Unhealthy rise and danger, INB BSE chief impact officers, who's helping? fear of regional digital divide, its mount fuji sitting above the clouds searching for consensus master bites the bullet how clearly do you need? your customers company economy going public we have both It won't work It doesn't make sense It can't be done Do it this way No that way, stop! It can't be done Do it this way! Do it this way! It won't work It doesn't make sense It can't be done Do it this way No that way, stop Imagine a different way Do it this way Tickets unused, toys of the mind We think improvement, a better feeling Generated, accelerating That was a strange movie you took me through He's a finder of strange things Random, cardboard box In the closet, left untouched For a future functions When the animal comes out Voice of terror Screaming at you Screaming at you What you think is real Nation in the grip of phone fever Three, the big three Shooting from the hip This is no way to pick a president Shooting from the hip Cover feature, divided world Shooting from the hip Star bright, survival of the fittest Shooting from the hip Open market economy, Microsoft 8 Shooting from the hip Deal in human rights, lost connection