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Flies In Amber (Dark Suns)

Let the dice roll a random aspect to receive leave the beaten track chaos as a constant there's no valid systembut still one key you hide inside a forty letters maxim the artwork illustrates how painters climbed the ladder to understand break this crust apart from the inside for too long you've been controlled by dogmas hagridden by facts full of lies a turning web of trivialities quit, scorn, burn, change this daily grind stereotype thorns in the flesh but you don't mind...bugging vibes grating pipes condemn the veiled trash and don't give a shit about its hype ...Sorry, ,,Maybes and Wannabes"" suck!!! Faded flies in amber we are/the adornment of the unveiled madness grinding harmony if you only tried to recover dreams you've tainted/ prophet-rhymes foresee/make a plea no sunset for the depraved... sink down in a hole to see how little you've gained and how vast the unattained/time is shifting ripping at the base what lingers fades out at last and what leaves you cold is dead may I never be dead again Listen! don't believe that walls would never cede in mind I shift them/ninety degrees to create a paradoxum well, I open frame inflamed delirium somehow I know you'd feel the same whining doesn't help building bridges cross the borders of perception blow your golden cage turn the page there's beauty in unexpected places leave the pile once in a while you'll hear a voice bringing quitessence: there is an inspiration that is so strong I run, I run, I run HUMAN WILL Faded flies in amber we are/the adornment of the unveiled once again they smashed over miles/too many hours cursed by chessmen I won't any longer agree/could there be anything left? smirking ones try to fake my tongue but hey, ...I don't think you'll keep me under control corrupt your hole Tired friend, ...join the band we won't pretent healing/therefore mesmerize