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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Gently Bleeding (Dark Suns)

(Sleep took me... ...I'm unsure, so unsure) Now september fattens on vines And roses flaking from the wall Here I'm holding you for the last time And I know All phantoms keep on passing by Why could I not feel it coming I hide my tears behind cold hands Pale love lost in the winds of torture See this knife still bleeding while Her pulse declines ...and light since then is a keyhole Rusting gently bleeding This life is creaking along But still I am seeking I cry in praise of the lonely act Of not feeling a strange tongue Forced into my mouth Do not come before me now Do not come, visionary face I can feel your wild confronting stare An equilibrium that puts a blame on me Guilt burns in me Fear growls at me I am crumbling Away A mighty nothing darkened The unconscious years of suppression