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Inside Final Dreams (Dark Suns)

Do not stand at my grave and weep I am not there, I do not sleep I am a thousand winds that blow I am the diamond glints on snow I am the sunlight on ripened grain I am the gentle autumn rain I am the soft stars that shine at night Do not stand at my grave and cry I am not there I did not die When I the song of life have sung My soul's relesaed, its flight begun Do not stand with grief-bowed head My soul's just free, I am not dead! I'll wait beyond the silent wall With the hordes who've gone before I cannot heed your pleading call My soul's been freed forever more I've found a place of peace and quiet And boundless beauty rare The day's not broken by the night There's naught of trouble anywhere Rejoice, ye earth-bound one, with gathering My soul is free inside my dreams I will come down at night To these resounding beaches And the long gentle wind of the sea Here for a single hour in the wide starlight I shall be happy for the dead are free And after many a summer dies the swan