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Patterns Of Oblivion (Dark Suns)

Take me down to nowhere How long did I crawl? Daydreams fade away now Patterns of my fall Let me understand it Oblivion was my state Dumb from human blindness Did I seal your fate? There is someone waiting for you My ancient pulse of talents Has shrunken hard and dry And every spirit upon earth Seems fervourless as I So far from all the living But finally not alone Voices from the outside Pray for coming home There is someone waiting for you I'm not alone But they don't know that These bloody days broke my heart, my loving, My youth, my hope... all departed from life Now I must disguise my face with a mask Of pure seclusion Feel me, I'm old now Still searching for answers Hoping that you know My eyes behind this mask A child goes along with me until the end I'm longing for the past ... A new dimension? These bloody days Searching for answers Feel me, I'm old now, feel me There is someone waiting for you (peering out of my deadlight I'm looking for another Wandering voiceless among the voices That throng my hiddenness At all the tragic scene they stare And have to turn away sometimes)