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The Sun Beyond Your Eden (Dark Suns)

I hold my breath for a moment A soft breeze passes me by hiding this place In the palm of bloody hands Emotions playing through the rain When is the new beginning The pale-faced picture in the mirror of tears Has been waiting for so long -torn- In my beginning is my end Life that in me has never rest In my beginning is my end All beautiful moments pushed away No coward soul is mine No trembler in the worlds storm-troubled sphere Dreams in light, faith shines equal Arming me from fear We shall have no time for dances There is not room for death Nor atom theat his might couldrender void We are here What we art may never be destroyed For sunlight in your Eden Emotions and man were gone And suns and universes ceased to be I was left alone Every existence would exist in me The sound of belched words lost in the wind A few embraces dying The sound of whispered thoughts lost in the wind A few commandments lying