Skeletal Wreck (Thirsty Merc)

My beautiful girlfriend is so ugly when she's on drugs 'cause I'm not on anything It sucks, I've got stuff to do with my day 'cause I'd be with her otherwise, all the way And then I wouldn't care about her sunken eyes And I wouldn't give a shit about her fucked up vibe But on the inside, I know she's enlightened That's why she's talking about such mundane shit & acting frightened. Her mouth is dry and her skin is cold She's a skeletal wreck but it ain't her fault Thank god she's got some pot to smoke To stop the chemicals from chewing her face Dare I say, to find some kind of fucking normal place Skeletal wreck, it ain't your fault Just break on through to the other side baby Behind small pupils you can't provide a haven for one whole life to hide Skeletal wreck, just ride it out The world will never understand But I'm here to be your man and hold on to your lifeless hand You fucked up girl Your path is yours I'm no ... to your fuzzy friends But to you, muffled and through the fence This guy deals with reality, too intense And reality is real, right? whatever you're on Two billion bored teenagers can't be wrong I'll zone out with you next time baby for sure You looked so sexy on my bathroom floor Skeletal wreck, just sleep it off You'll find a way to make it all stop But just make sure you earn the bread and save yourself some braincells for next weekend Skeletal wreck, this brings us close I'll wipe the bloodstains off your nose I'll help you chose which day to lose baby I'm here to help you fit the tightest fucking noose