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Who Told You (The Reindeer Section)

It all makes sense now I’ve calmed down I should have seen it coming from miles down the road But at the time we never think That it might’ve been ourselves to blame at all You shudder and beat your chest But you’ll never warm yourself up believe me Where were you? I’d made it through But only god can judge me now, I hope he’s in Why do hearts break When we are on our own Just when you need to pump the life back in yourself? And why do earthquakes Happen miles away When I only want the open ground to swallow me? Who told you I’d not come through Before I could speak to you in my defence? Who made you the righteous one When I’d only turned around for half an hour? Why do chalk lines Tell an empty tale And surely it’s bad enough to end up on the floor? And you can scratch your chin I think you understand But how can you know what’s going on inside my head? Maybe I’m better off alive and in my bed