Right On, Frankenstein! (Death from Above 1979)

I dig my own graves lately I don't need any help Just let me sit here quiet In here by myself I don't wanna die but I wanna be buried Leave me at the gates of the cemetery I've been a zombie lately I got nothin' to say Always too much talkin' Not enough eatin' brains I'll wait here 'til I'm ready All my life I've been waitin' for you Not waitin' to find out Nothing's new It's the same old song Just a different tune Right on, Frankenstein! Youth is in the door Lazarus push the stone off Where's the way back to bed Chasin' the beast inside me He pushes and shoves Says and he does and he hugs him Why do I get no love Right on, Frankenstein! You don't believe in ghosts Lightning strikes the body And threatens life the most