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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Froggy Would A Wooing Go (Williamson Robin)

Froggy would a wooing go Cuddy alane. cuddy alane Froggy would a wooing go Cuddy alane and a Froggy would a wooing go Whether his mummy would let him or no Keek maleerie, cowden down Cuddy alane and a He went to Mistress Mouses door Where often he had been before He took Miss Mousie on his knee "Mousie will you marry me?" "Sir, I could not answer that Until I ask my Uncle Rat" Uncle Rat he laughed and cried "This very night youll be a bride" Then they all sat down to dine Partaking of some sherry wine The piper was a bumble bee The drummer was a dark eyed flea The fiddler was an old tom cat...