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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Back To You (D-Side)

You tell me that you're sorry But you have to say goodbye And I won't say a single world Or let you see me cry You say your heart is breaking And you can't go on this way I need you more and more Everyday You promised me forever We'd never be apart And though it's said a thousand times You opend up my heart But wise men never fall in love So how was I to know That you would steal my heart And just go Chorus: If I had to run If I had to fly Just to find my way back to you There is nothing I wouldn't do If I had to cheat If I had to lie I would know the reason inside There's nothing more that I have to do Now I've found my way Back to you I'm waiting for that moment Believe me when I say That if you give it one more chance Love will find a way So let's get back together 'cos we were meant to be And your love is so Precious to me Chorus Here we are a little broken hearted Face to face as if we never parted Wishing on a star no matter where or how far Don't you know our love comes tumbling down Yeah it's tumbling down Wherever you're not around Chorus(